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Screenplay for a short film I made as part of a college assignment. Bastardized from a premise by Anubhuti Jain, the movie is a weird comedy about addiction, pre-conceived notions and the randomness of the human mind. The finished film, sadly, didn’t turn out to be as good as the screenplay would have suggested :-/ […]

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Screenplay for a short film called Headless Chicken. It’s my take on the themes of rape, corruption, red tape and karma. The back-story is partly inspired by the Priyadarshini Mattoo rape and murder case. Conceptualized and written in one night, bang in the middle of my end term exams, the script was supposed to be […]

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Three screenplays of wildly varying quality and subject matter, each for a 5-minute short. Two of them featuring extensive dialogue work in Hindi. Recipe for disaster? Kwo-oh-fee! Talaash Putlay

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The Naked Truth (Screenplay)

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This is the first draft of a screenplay for a 5-shot movie exploring how a manic-depressive loner finds his emotional release by pretending that he’s the king of an illusionary land. It’s a part of a college assignement. Once again, feedback will be appreciated. Download the PDF version here.