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You wake up late. You take your bath late. You have breakfast late. You rush out of the door late. You get mad at your mum late. You reach the metro station late. You get late late. She always used to say you’d be late for your own funeral. Remember that? Her little joke because […]

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People in India have a knack of complaining about how every little piece of news is dubbed BREAKING NEWS by the Indian news channels. But, when stuff like this happens, I think news channels are right in dubbing it BREAKING NEWS. Stuff like this really is Breaking News! After all, you don’t have June 31st […]

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Recently, found some great tutorials for Photoshop at PSDTuts.com and 3nhanced.com (and a couple of other places like this and this), and, since then, I have become addicted to Photoshop. So much so, that I have been going through these tutorials, when I should actually be studying/making my practical files/working on my computer project (which, […]