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For a college assignment, we had to promote any social cause. My team (two more people besides me) chose to promote awareness on homosexuality. For the same, we created a print ad (given below), 3 t-shirts and a promotional poster. God is Bisexual Our t-shirts can be seen in this pic:

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Hollywood seems hell bent on turning everything that’s ever worked into a movie-from pointless sequels to extend franchises well past their primes, to pointless adaptations of TV serials (like the one being mooted by John Stamos for Full House), to even more pointless and silly remakes. But, one series I really, really hope they don’t […]

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Some magazine covers I created as part of our college assignments. In this one, we just had to come up with a magazine cover for a fictional/existing magazine. I cam up with the following two options–both for a fictional monthly called MovieFever. In the end, the second one won, because of a greater sense of […]

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Recently, found some great tutorials for Photoshop at PSDTuts.com and 3nhanced.com (and a couple of other places like this and this), and, since then, I have become addicted to Photoshop. So much so, that I have been going through these tutorials, when I should actually be studying/making my practical files/working on my computer project (which, […]