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Today I finally got the portfolio work I’d done at O&M. The work includes a 3 ad campaign for Cisco, and 2 posters for Eno. (This one contains a typo, which needs to be fixed–the line should read “Digest anything”, instead of the current “Digests Anything”) I only wrote the copy for the Cisco ads […]

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While going through adsoftheworld.com today, I came across this kick-ass innovative site. It’s for an ad agency called Boone Oakley–a relatively unknown agency from North Carolina. But, the site is so innovative, I’m surprised they aren’t bigger. What they’ve done is that they’ve made their site using only inter-linked YouTube videos. So, typing in booneoakley.com […]

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Came across these insanely funny ads for Orange today. These ads give an amazing twist to the “no mobile phones in cinemas” theme, while at the same time promoting Orange. Definitely better than the “the aliens are watching” trash we get shown in India…

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This is one of the most innovative ads I’ve seen for a Motorola phone–the editing’s pretty amazing, the idea is killer, and the song’s too catchy for words! The soundtrack’s this song called Just a Song about Ping Pong by the Aussie band, Operator Please. Never heard of it? Neither had I. Apparently, they recorded […]

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Found in the Lürzer’s Archive, this ads the veritable epitome of sarcasm.

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A month after first applying, after a procedure that took “longer than even a job application would ever do”, I finally turned up at Ogilvy & Mather, Gurgaon, ready to begin the internship. If ever there were an office with a killer view, this’d be it–whether it’s the bird’s eye view of Gurgaon and the […]