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No, contrary to popular belief, I am not shutting this blog down. Yes, people (my dear friend Ankur included) might go on to comment on the rather infrequent (nigh, dead) posting pattern, but I’m still not ready to give up on the Buddhifree identity. So then, what exactly is this post about? It’s about this […]

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While going through adsoftheworld.com today, I came across this kick-ass innovative site. It’s for an ad agency called Boone Oakley–a relatively unknown agency from North Carolina. But, the site is so innovative, I’m surprised they aren’t bigger. What they’ve done is that they’ve made their site using only inter-linked YouTube videos. So, typing in booneoakley.com […]

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Came across these insanely funny ads for Orange today. These ads give an amazing twist to the “no mobile phones in cinemas” theme, while at the same time promoting Orange. Definitely better than the “the aliens are watching” trash we get shown in India…

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This is the movie we came up with in something like 2 hours as part of Harsh’s application to LaSalle University. It’s about two men trapped in a lift and how they come to hate, then accept, and then violently hate each other.

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Yeah, I worked on it. Dunno what EXACTLY I did, but I was on the team and MIGHT have given a few ideas along the way…. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdaaH_do5Cw&feature=player_embedded] The video really belongs to Vivek (Illusion). Damn junior, still knows A LOT about editing. Poor soul did all the editing himself, without any of us helping in […]

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A crappie video I made. It’s about a couch potato who discovers about the joys of the outside world when the power goes while he’s watching TV. For everyone who helped me on the video that never got made… Credits: Story: Ankur Banerjee (aka Great Quizzard) Camera Work: Rachit Agarwal (aka rach) and Srishti Agarwal […]

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Idea ripped from Ankur’s Blog. His credits list wasn’t comprehensive enough, so I came up with my own. Credits: Director/Audio Recoding and Editing : Ankur Banerjee Still Photography/Audio Recording : Eeshan Chatterjee Software Procurement/Still Photography: Waris Jain Video Photography/Video Editing : Rachit Agarwal Logistics Manager/Music : Srishti Gulati And now, for the detailed thank you […]