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That’s All Folks!
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No, contrary to popular belief, I am not shutting this blog down. Yes, people (my dear friend Ankur included) might go on to comment on the rather infrequent (nigh, dead) posting pattern, but I’m still not ready to give up on the Buddhifree identity.

So then, what exactly is this post about?

It’s about this little short film I was part of back in Pune. Yes, That’s All Folks! is what we call it. As the less-than-helpful description on YouTube will tell you, it was scripted, shot and edited in 24 hours as part of a 24-hour film making competition at SIMC Pune [part of our annual cinema fest, SIMCinema. Do come around to campus next year and take part in it. It’s a hoot-and-half].

That we ended up bagging second place for it is now just a footnote, given that we lost out to the widely-accepted-to-be-shit, Koi Jo Mila To. Ha. And one more film, whose name I don’t remember, but which deserved the win.

As you might have sussed out after watching the movie (if you haven’t, please do. Yes, I’m shamelessly plugging the movie. But then, that’s what the blog is for, anyway) and reading this blog post, the whole Pagliacci joke does fascinate me. Contrary to other people’s reactions, I do indeed find it hilarious–agreed, on a very dark level, though.

The quoting of that joke was an intentional nod to Watchmen, and an indication that, more or less, the story was indeed inspired by it.

PS: As the end credits might inform you, this movie was made by a team which included Vikram Agarwal, Saikishore Annamaraju, Ishank Gorla, Ishan Naman Sinha and yours sincerely.

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  1. Your mum’s widely-accepted-to-be-shit.

  2. Ashwin Kumar says:

    Good one

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