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Marketing 101: The concept of Brand
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Brand Equity

Brand Equity
Brand Equity
  • Availability: DVDs, blu-ray disks, Special Editions. Releases, rereleases.
  • Preference: Star Wars is the critical, and commercial darling when it comes to sic-fi movies. As Roger Ebert puts it, it fuses a good story with spectacle.
  • Loyalty: As evidenced by the continued success of its sequels and Star Wars branded products.
Star Wars toy
Like this…
Star Wars toy
…and these…
Star Wars Lego
…and even Lego!
  • Awareness: Cult status of the movie.
There’s a reason why people dress up like this.
  • Familiarity: Widely popular dialogues,  images and music.
    “May the Force be with you”
    The massively iconic Star Wars fanfare by John Williams.

    One of the greatest villains of all time
    Who doesn’t know this man?
  • Image and personality: Star Wars is one of the most popular movie of all times. It has transcended into becoming one of the biggest movie franchises in history.
  • Associations: People now associate Star Wars with being the definitive science fiction movie. Even though 2001: A Space Odyssey and its ilk has tremendous sway amongst critical circles, Star Wars managed to capture the fancy of critics and general audiences alike.

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