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A rather interesting thing happens ever so often. First, there’s a terror strike. A bomb blast, an incursion, anything to grab the nation’s attention. The media gets flustered. And then there’s that quintessential round of Indo-Pak meet. A few pleasantries. A couple of handshakes. Photos. And a promising joint statement. A joint statement which includes […]

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Riding on a good monsoon and higher support prices for farmers, India managed to produce a record 85 million tonnes (MT) of wheat and 18 MT of pulses for the crop year 2010-2011, which ended in June. The total production of food grains for the same year stands at 241 MT, as against the 218 […]

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The city’s been held hostage for 60 hours. The city’s been blown to bits. The city’s been mistaken for a battleground by mafia goons. Normal cities would bend over and snap into two. Not Mumbai. Mumbai’s made of something tougher. Mumbai’s a tough city. In the brightest day, in the darkest night, the Mumbai spirit […]

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This is not so much a review of the movie as just some unstructured thoughts on it. Director: Milos Forman. Starring: F. Murray Abraham, Tom Hulce. Adapted from Peter Schaffer’s Broadway hit of the same name, Amadeus is a partially fictionalized account of the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Told from the perspective of his […]

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The Swedish prison system is not generally severe. The emphasis is on humanitarian treatment of prisoners and rehabilitation in favour of deterrence. Sentences are generally short and prisoners enjoy a high material standard. In his autobiography, Catch Me If You Can, master forger and con man Frank W. Abagnale Jr recounts how the time he […]