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Life, the Universe and Everything/ Metro HoHo/ Routine
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You wake up late. You take your bath late. You have breakfast late. You rush out of the door late. You get mad at your mum late. You reach the metro station late. You get late late.

She always used to say you’d be late for your own funeral. Remember that? Her little joke because you were such a slob—always late, always forgetting stuff, even before the incident.

The metro lumbers in. You catch sight of your haggard self in one of the windows. Untrimmed beard, hair ravaged by winter’s keen prick. You step in. You know where you’re headed, but you don’t care about how you get there. You have no interest in the nitty-gritties, you just want to see the end. Maybe you were always like that. No you weren’t. Maybe you’re just in too much of a rush.

“Life’s a race, but mommy, I broke my toe!”
“You should have told me before the race began. Can’t help it now. Suck it, loser.”

You stare at that girl. She’s dressed in the style du jour, which means you’ll hate her. But you stare at her. Look at that face! Clothes, you used to believe, showed a person’s true self. Her clothes say she’s uptight and too bothered about what people think about her. Now you know you’ll dread the moment she opens her mouth. But you stare on, hoping to catch her eye. Look at that face!

Were you always this shallow?

You catch sight of a familiar face. You used to be best friends in grade II. Sure the whole world was best friends back then, but you used to be the bestest of friends. You look away and down, hoping he hasn’t seen you. Out of the corner of your eye, you see that he’s done much the same thing.

You have number of close friends, all of them a message or phone call away. None of them seem to want to meet you, though.

The metro stops at the next station. The doors slowly begin to open. Nobody at the station takes a step forward. Nobody seems to want to board. The doors close shut even before they’d opened completely. The metro lumbers on.

Everything’s a business transaction; nothing’s fair; everything’s driven by a free market force; everything’s opportunity dependent.

You hop off at your station. You see a man tying his muffler in the way that is today’s fashion. You catch yourself wishing you had a muffler like that. You are warm enough. You only want it so that you could see what it feels like to tie that muffler like the noose-inspired fashion. Again the shell, again the shell.

Maybe you were always this shallow.

You step onto the crowded escalator. You start moving up. You look at the time. You realize you’re hopelessly late. You look for a way up the escalator. All you see are people. You notice a woman calmly climbing the stairs to your right. She passes by you; the stairs are empty.

For all your claims about being different, you’re the same as everyone. You aren’t the scientist, you’re just the rat. You’re just another rat.

You move onward and upward, finally emerging from the underground station. You hold your head at an angle, and it seems like you’re climbing up the stairway to heaven. You hop off the escalator. The sun’s shining today for a change. You don’t rejoice. You know that in eight hours, you’ll be back again. That in eight hours you’ll hop on to the metro again. That in ten hours, you’ll be back home again. That in ten and a half hours, you’ll be mad at your mum again. You know.

You know that the only people you’ll ever have time for from now on are the random strangers you meet on the metro.

Welcome to Life.

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  1. Vivek says:

    I love this piece of writing. There is no other way to put it. It’s just so true for a majority of people. Great introspection there my friend. See you later today.

  2. NOW the score is 1-1. And in such style!

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