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Kwo-oh-fee! (Screenplay)
Categories: Movies, Writings

Screenplay for a short film I made as part of a college assignment.
Bastardized from a premise by Anubhuti Jain, the movie is a weird comedy about addiction, pre-conceived notions and the randomness of the human mind.
The finished film, sadly, didn’t turn out to be as good as the screenplay would have suggested :-/


About the title:

The title of the movie (Kwo-oh-fee!) is an in-joke between Ankur and me. Roughly, it is how you would phonetically spell the pronunciation of ‘coffee’ as spoken by a British mafia lord.

5 Comments to “Kwo-oh-fee! (Screenplay)”

  1. Don’t you dare retcon a different origin for the name, mister. ‘Kwo-oh-fee’ came from an in-joke about how Italian mobsters in Hollywood movies refer to coffee – not British mafia.

    • i swear you said the British mafia. i even remember pointing out a few guy ritchie movies as examples. this was around the time you were sleep drunk, so you might have forgotten about it.

      • Vivek says:

        I think that’s besides the point. This screenplay is somewhat harder to imagine in my head. You just go ahead and make it into a short film and tell me when you’re ready. Unless of course, you’re just a screenplaywright (I don’t think this is a word, but it conveys the meaning).

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