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The Loving Cradle of Earth
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The moon’s at half mast,
Probably mirror of the crescent drive.
The wood entrance;
It smiles at me, seduces me in.
I walk amongst the arching greens,
Joyous in the divine.
To the left,
The gazebo embraces the newlywed;
The Lord himself is the priest.
Onward; A nursery, an orchard,
Twinkle a million colours.
A squirrel ambles past,
Racing the snail miles behind.
Besides me,
The earthy mother smiles content;
Her children finally care.
I rejoice, enjoy, rock in,
The loving cradle of earth.

  • That’s a very beautiful composition Rachit!
    And to think that this is the same person who is involved in a never-ending poke war with me.
    Can I expect more?

    • Why thank you, vivek. Yes, you can expect more posts in the future which will make you go “SAX!”