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Dear respected everyone,
Different people have different hobbies—some like to sing, some like to dance, while I like to rectify all that is wrong with the Indian society. It’s my little tuppence for our beloved culture—I strive to get everything even faintly eroding said culture, banned. That is why I’ve founded Pop the PIL (get it? It’s a clever pun on the expression, “Pop the pill”). We use the convenient tool of the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in our holy crusade against anything immoral (now I think the pun in our name will be clearer. Damn clever, eh?)
Each week, we meet up at a member’s house and talk and debate about any individual/TV show/movie which hurts our sentiments, and by extension, offends the Indian sensibilities. Then, through a draw of straws, we zero in on the member who’ll file the pious PIL against the offending party/parties. It’s not considered a burden, but an honor to thus cleanse mother culture, and the draw has often been found to be fixed to favor me. To conclude the evening, the three of us (other people apparently have better things to do than join our movement, you see) stand up and sing our little PIL ditty. By the time the week’s out, the entrusted member (read, me) has filed the PIL and the High Court has (generally) dismissed it.
Which really irritates all of us. I mean, why can’t the Court also see that shows like Sach ka Saamna and celebrities like Rakhi Sawant serve only to erode the Indian culture? Such cheap entertainment, sheesh! Richard Gere giving Shilpa Shetty a peck on the cheek is the starting point of what might later have become something straight from a dirty English movie, if it weren’t for a few brothers of ours. So, I hail them!
But, the Courts just don’t seem to understand this, and keep throwing our PILs out. So, we’ve decided to launch a holy war to cleanse the Courts off elements so corrupted themselves that they endorse and propagate such corrupt views. Next week, I see a hot debate taking place on whether to file the PIL against PILs (and, by extension, all Courts), the temples of Khajuraho (they contain engravings of nude men and women in compromising positions, you see) or the couples who hold hands in public (holding hands should amount to pre-marital sex, if you ask me).
The going might be tough at the moment, what with our PILs getting thrown out and all, but the future is bright. With such clear and level minded visionaries as a certain UP politician who wanted to ban English, and a certain Maharashtrian opposing pollution of the local culture by outsiders, striving for power at the centre, how can our ilk remain ignored and downtrodden for long? It’s only a matter of time before everyone sees sense, joins Pop the PIL or another such movement, and cleanses the Indian culture through the entirely legal system of PILs.
Thanking you for your time.
Yours Sincerely,
Khajoor Das.
[Founding President, President for Life,
Pop the PIL]

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