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Simpsons Live Action Movie
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Hollywood seems hell bent on turning everything that’s ever worked into a movie-from pointless sequels to extend franchises well past their primes, to pointless adaptations of TV serials (like the one being mooted by John Stamos for Full House), to even more pointless and silly remakes. But, one series I really, really hope they don’t adapt is The Simpsons. The full length feature offered earlier, though decent, lacked that zing of a Simpsons episode. A live action movie will lose a lot of the impact of the cartoon show, and will just come across as a couple of people trying to be The Simpsons.

I came across fan art (actually, it was a graphic designer showcasing his Photoshop prowess) that has a pretty good poster for a Simpsons live action movie.

All Star Simpsons Movie Poster

All Star Simpsons Movie Poster

I don’t know whether it’s amazing casting, or amazing Photoshop, but everyone looks damn convincing in their roles! Especially Depp, Defoe, Buscemi and Clooney.

3 Comments to “Simpsons Live Action Movie”

  1. Greystar says:

    One word – genius.

  2. Melissa says:

    Isn’t that kind of fake cos seriously is not real.

  3. Funky says:


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