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U know wat??? Today I like took da “Do U Hav Boobs (Girlzzz only)” quiz on Facebook! And da result was freaky kewl!!! It sed that I DIDN’T have boobs!!! How kewl is dat?? Dont get it? This result proved widout ny doubt dat I AM a guy!!! Gawd! Facebook is soo kewl!! I totally […]

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Hollywood seems hell bent on turning everything that’s ever worked into a movie-from pointless sequels to extend franchises well past their primes, to pointless adaptations of TV serials (like the one being mooted by John Stamos for Full House), to even more pointless and silly remakes. But, one series I really, really hope they don’t […]

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While going through adsoftheworld.com today, I came across this kick-ass innovative site. It’s for an ad agency called Boone Oakley–a relatively unknown agency from North Carolina. But, the site is so innovative, I’m surprised they aren’t bigger. What they’ve done is that they’ve made their site using only inter-linked YouTube videos. So, typing in booneoakley.com […]

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Came across these insanely funny ads for Orange today. These ads give an amazing twist to the “no mobile phones in cinemas” theme, while at the same time promoting Orange. Definitely better than the “the aliens are watching” trash we get shown in India…