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O&M Diaries: Day 1
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A month after first applying, after a procedure that took “longer than even a job application would ever do”, I finally turned up at Ogilvy & Mather, Gurgaon, ready to begin the internship.
If ever there were an office with a killer view, this’d be it–whether it’s the bird’s eye view of Gurgaon and the Metro line; or the red/black/white walls with wackily witty David Ogilvy quotes (“Don’t tell my mother I’m in advertising. She thinks I play piano in a whorehouse.”)–this place looked and felt like what home should be.
I was placed under Godwin Martin, an extremely sarcastic copywriter. He has the ability to really take your case, yet make you laugh about it. He went through my portfolio, and had this to say, “You have that small spark in you,” and then quickly added, “but nothing more.” Found out that he supports Liverpool/Arsenal (it was some shit club, don’t remember which) and doesn’t let anyone wearing Chelsea blue or Man Utd red within a hundred feet of himself.
On the work front, I spent a good part of the day licking Lürzer’s Archive–a quarterly compilation of major ads from round the world. Must have gone through it-end to end-atleast twice. This was “an exercise in observing how real ads are like.” My observations? Most of the ads had little/no copy. Pretty ironic, considering I’m interning as a copywriter.
The last hour was a practical exercise–I had to ideate about 5 seconders for Wild Stone deodorants. Yeah, Wild Stone-those of the cheesy sleazy ads fame. Apparently, Ogilvy’s just taken over that account and is attempting to re-brand it as a classy offering. I came up with around 10 ideas, 3 of which were “good” (no hint of sarcasm here), but still too long/more suited for Axe.
All in all, a pretty good, enjoyable and satisfactory day, which left me longing for more of the Ogilvy experience.

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