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Photoshop Magazine Covers
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Some magazine covers I created as part of our college assignments.

In this one, we just had to come up with a magazine cover for a fictional/existing magazine. I cam up with the following two options–both for a fictional monthly called MovieFever.

  1. MovieFever 1

    "Something" was missing...

  2. MovieFever 2

    Found what was missing--a wee bit of balance at the bottom! Easily fixed.

In the end, the second one won, because of a greater sense of balance present because of the small “Plus” at the bottom left hand corner.

In this assignment, we had to design a whole magazine. I did the front and back covers and all the layout work. I’m just putting up the front and back covers right now. Maybe, I’ll put up the magazine on a later date.

The magazine’s called Blik. Blik is dutch for ‘show’, or taking it loosely, ‘movie’. Why did we choose this name? Because it was short and catchy, and connected, albeit in a rather convoluted manner, to movies.

  1. Blik Cover

    Front Cover of "Blik"

  2. Joker-ized version of the cover, ad for The Dark Knight DVD.

    Back Cover--an ad for The Dark Knight DVD.

The whole idea behind the back cover is that the Joker character from The Dark Knight has vandalized the front cover–it’s catchy and conveys the message about the The Dark Knight DVD effectively…

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