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Part of a Joker origin story I’m writing. It’s an episode from somewhere in the middle of the story. Give me feedback as to whether or not I’ve got the feel right…

“Why hello there!”
He spun around. Locked door. Windows locked. And yet, a voice in the dark.
“Who…who are you?”
“The question…well, the question isn’t…or rather, shouldn’t be who are you. It should be how are you? Are you happy? Do you have a smile on your face? Now aren’t they much nicer questions?”
“You’re mad!”
“No seriously, I’m not. I’m just happy.”
“Happy. Huh! What do you know about happiness? I was happy once. Really happy…”
“See, that’s the problem with people like you. Happy now, sad a moment later. See, you guys are temperamental. Me, I am constant. Always happy. Can’t you see the smile on my face?”
“I…I can’t see…it’s too dark…”
“Tchch tchch…my bad! Of course you can’t. Let me enlighten you.”
And he took a step. The gentle moonlight streamed through the window and onto his face, giving it a sickly pallor.
“You…you’ve got…”
“Yeah I do. Don’t you just love what I’ve done with my face? You wanna know how I got this smile?”
He didn’t answer.
“Well I’ll tell you anyway. It’s simple-I hung onto a happy memory. My happiest. Unlike you, of course! And then, I decided to etch it forever into my memory. Or rather, my face…you know what that memory was? It was of my stepfather. Dead. I killed, and I was really happy…!”
He gave him a disgusted look.
“Why so serious? Well, let me guess…you obviously don’t agree with my idea of happiness, now, do you? Well, no problems, you’re entitled to your own opinion…as I’m entitled to my own. You wanna know what I think? I think I need to put a smile on that face of yours. You know, bring some happiness to your sorry existence. Don’t worry, I’m tonight’s entertainment. Oh, and, I think you should try and remember your happiest memory. So, tell me, what makes you happy? What makes you smile?”
“My…my wife, ” he said with a glimmer of a smile. “She left me. Broke my heart….”
“Ho ho. Haha, he ha. Ha ha. Ha. Haha. And I thought my jokes were bad.”
“You, you find this funny?”
“Well, not exactly funny. More ironic, than funny.”
“Well, yeah. Don’t you think it’s kind of ironic that here you are moping about life’s wee sadness when life itself is about to end?”
“What…what do you mean?”
And then the man in purple pulled out the revolver and shot him. He died instantly. With a smile on his face. Probably, remembering his wife…


10 Comments to “Smile”

  1. utakarsh says:

    its gud…..

  2. utakarsh says:

    its gud…..

  3. Greystar says:

    nah…u've not captured the essence of the joker..well we all know that he's a kook..but behind all that make up and smile is a devious criminal genius…in a way he's just like the batman himself..i know that he's a fictitious character but this doesnt give him enough credit..sorry..all the best though..

  4. Greystar says:

    btw if this is Christopher Nolan's Joker…then isn't it the dad and not the step dad?

  5. the way i'd planned the backstory for the character, this happens much much before he becomes the fully formed joker. right about now, he's just a disillusioned soul. he hasn't even donned the white face paint. he's just a guy with a cut smile. as the story progresses, he becomes more whacked, and an actual agent of chaos.

  6. this is more like my thoughts on how Nolan's Joker came to be. and, the best part about Nolan's Joker is that you can't trust anything he says, specially about past (as evidenced by the fact that he gives two different versions of his “how i got these scars” story). so, i pretty much have a blank slate.

  7. Greystar says:

    oohhh kk..sounds interesting…lot better than Kane's..who btw is amazing…but falling into a vat of chemicals??c'mon…

  8. Greystar says:

    right..guess i jus prefer that story..well good for u..wish i could read it though..

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