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This is one of the most innovative ads I’ve seen for a Motorola phone–the editing’s pretty amazing, the idea is killer, and the song’s too catchy for words! The soundtrack’s this song called Just a Song about Ping Pong by the Aussie band, Operator Please. Never heard of it? Neither had I. Apparently, they recorded […]

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People in India have a knack of complaining about how every little piece of news is dubbed BREAKING NEWS by the Indian news channels. But, when stuff like this happens, I think news channels are right in dubbing it BREAKING NEWS. Stuff like this really is Breaking News! After all, you don’t have June 31st […]

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Found in the Lürzer’s Archive, this ads the veritable epitome of sarcasm.

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A month after first applying, after a procedure that took “longer than even a job application would ever do”, I finally turned up at Ogilvy & Mather, Gurgaon, ready to begin the internship. If ever there were an office with a killer view, this’d be it–whether it’s the bird’s eye view of Gurgaon and the […]

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Location: B-Block, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi-110001. Meal for two: Rs. 2500 (including a prawn entrée) Walk in, up the stairs, past the tastefully decorated terrace (complete with bamboo and wicker dividers) and into an even better dining hall. The candles glow a soft reddish-orange. The dark wood gives it the elegance. The mirrors […]

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Some magazine covers I created as part of our college assignments. In this one, we just had to come up with a magazine cover for a fictional/existing magazine. I cam up with the following two options–both for a fictional monthly called MovieFever. In the end, the second one won, because of a greater sense of […]

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Part of a Joker origin story I’m writing. It’s an episode from somewhere in the middle of the story. Give me feedback as to whether or not I’ve got the feel right… “Why hello there!” He spun around. Locked door. Windows locked. And yet, a voice in the dark. “Who…who are you?” “The question…well, the […]

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What do I think? The lab looks bigger…definitely more number of suits, RDJ again looking the part, cool new gadgetry. All in all, a step up on the previous movie while still maintaining the familiar look and ambiance.Only doubt I have about the movie, though, is Jon Favreau. Make no mistake, I absolutely loved the […]

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Bigger, better, kick-ass! Was that the Scorponk theme, from the first movie, played out on electric guitar I hear in the beginning? Linkin Park are rumored to be scoring the movie with Hans Zimmer, so I won’t be all that surprised…