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In a move that could see the Jason Bourne series becoming Universal’s answer to the Bond series, Universal Studios has signed an agreement with the Ludlum estate that gives them exclusive rights to the Jason Bourne character and first look at other Ludlum novels. This move paves the way for future installment in the lucrative […]

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Our Rating: 3.5 Music by: David Arnold David Arnold really hit his melodic best with Casino Royale. He had really waltzed into John Barry territory with tracks like City of Lovers and Vesper. But, in Quantum of Solace, we see (actually, hear) Arnold doing what he does best-heavily percussive, off-kilter-at-first action cues. In fact, some […]

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Variety magazine reports that the soundtrack for Chris Nolan’s masterpiece, The Dark Knight, won’t be eligible for an Oscar nomination. The score, credited to Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, has been disqualified because too many other people were also listed as composers on the score cue sheets.Besides Zimmer and Howard, three others were listed […]

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The first teaser trailer for Angels and Demons is here. Check it out…. Looks pretty impressive, and from what I can gather, Tom Hanks has done away with the crazy-no-sideburns-hairstyle he had in The Da Vinci Code. I just hope the movie’s as good as that….