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The Top 5 Bond Themes
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As the wait for Bond 22, Quantum of Solace, enters its final phase, I decided to listen to all the 22 themes again and list out, what I feel, are the top 5 Bond themes. A word of caution though, the major criterion for judging is how well the song stands up on its own. I don’t really care for the big Bond sound many critics harp about, all I care about is whether or not I like the song. So, in essence, I’m judging the song, and not how well it sticks up to past stereotypes. So, here goes….

#5 A View to a Kill (Duran Duran, 1985, from A View to a Kill)
The song’s peppy, even though it sounds really jaded now. The lyrics make decent enough sense. And, it’s the only Bond theme ever to make it to the #1 spot on the American pop charts.

#4 Live and Let Die (Paul McCartney & Wings, 1973, from Live and Let Die)
Macca’s voice is divine, his piano bridge inspirational, and the guitar work really foot tapping. It’s downright melodious with lots of great percussion work. It’s the only Bond theme to have been covered by the great Guns N’ Roses. Enough, to make this one Bond theme I adore.

#3 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (John Barry Orchestra, 1969, from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service)
This is John Barry’s melodious masterpiece. This is only the third instrumental piece in Bond history to be used as the main title theme. And, it is easily the best of the three. The foreboding love theme really goes well with the overall tone of the movie, which introduced us to a new Bond in the highly underrated George Lazenby. Brilliant. Really.

#2 The World is not Enough (Garbage, 1999, from The World is not Enough)
Shirley Manson’s seductive voice acts as the perfect foil for David Arnold’s sweeping symphonics. Manson’s band mates gel in well to make this song an almost perfect mix of strings, voice and lyrics. Add to that a hummable theme, and you have the number 2 song on the list.

#1 You Know My Name (Chris Cornell, 2006, from Casino Royale)
Widely considered as the second worst Bond theme (the first being the immensely forgettable Another Way to Die) by the Bond puritans, I consider this to be the best theme ever. The stuffy and prudish puritans underestimate the raw power of Cornell’s voice, which gelled in really well with the gritty tone of the movie. They fail to appreciate the cold lyrics, and the highly symphonic theme, which, in many ways, is a precursor to the Monty Norman/John Barry Bond theme.

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