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Our Rating: 3.75
Rotten Tomatoes: 80%
Yahoo Movies Users: B+

Starring: Jeremy Theobald, Alex Haw, John Nolan.
Director: Christopher Nolan.

It doesn’t contain any known actors (as can be divined from the ‘Starring: ‘ field above). At it’s time of release, the director wasn’t as frighteningly well known as he is today (I mean, Chris Nolan, did, after all, make The Dark Knight). It doesn’t have any high octane action, nor any real length. All that this movie has is a good story, an excellent script and lots of intrigue.
This is Nolan’s first full length movie (clocking in a really short 70 minutes), but apart from the fact that it lacks just a wee bit technically, you don’t ever feel that this is a newbie director. Even though it’s been shot on a shoestring budget, the cinematography is pretty stylish, with the footage being completely black and white. Infact, the emphasis, technically, seems to be on innovation to best utilize the funds, yet the movie doesn’t ever come across as a cheapskate impersonator.
The story revolves around Bill, a young wannabe writer (played rather competently by Jeremy Theobald), who, in order to develop his characters, follows people to observe their mannerisms. But one day, he runs into Cobb (Alex Haw), a rather sophisticated burgler, and things start to go awry for Bill as his he gets sucked into lies, deceit and murder. The twist at the end is pretty unexpected and really, it is only then that you realize just how much trouble Bill really is in.
Edited in typical Nolan ‘fractured timeline’ style, this voyeuristic movie packs in quite a punch. It is an intelligent thriller, utilizes all of its limited runtime quite well, and is generally, an amazing effort for a first timer working on a restricted budget.

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