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Recently, found some great tutorials for Photoshop at PSDTuts.com and 3nhanced.com (and a couple of other places like this and this), and, since then, I have become addicted to Photoshop. So much so, that I have been going through these tutorials, when I should actually be studying/making my practical files/working on my computer project (which, by the way, is turning out to be a royal pain in the bum).
Well, here are some of the things I made. They are partly ripped off from the tutorials, and partly my own experiments.

R for Rach

The good old RSS icon

And a couple of other images (which look like something out of Shrek, and can be used as backgrounds) which can be found here and here. They are basically the same pic, except for a light text box in the second one.
Some of the other stuff I made was crappier and so, I didn’t put it up here.

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