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Started writing something, ended up with something completely different…

Listen to them
Chatter, gibber,
Twitter, twatter.
Sit in a corner,
Force a smile now and again.
“How your studies goin’ laddie?
Will you grow up
To be just like your daddie?”
(My relatives are over
And this is the only topic
Over which they ever hover.)
Forced smile
And laugh to make it clear.
“Study hard
To be successful, my dear.
Your cousin studies half a day,
Times it too!
Tchch Tchch,
But what about you?
Your marksheet is a blot
On the family name.
Improve on the same!
The time has come
Trash your writing
-Twas trash anyway.
Study, study, study,
Study all day!
Look at your daddie,
Don’t you wanna be like him?”
I laugh for real now
-All I want to be is


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