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men and Men
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See if you can make head or tail out of this one (because, I couldn’t)…

He felt men mill past him.
They didn’t care.
They didn’t know.
The poor robotic beings,
Had just one place to go.
They followed each other,
They found joy in acceptance.
Their poor minds
Were shut as their poor souls.
It was fear,
Fear of rejection.
It was their programming.
Standing there,
He felt not part of them,
And it was comforting.
He knew he had something,
Something ‘weird’.
Only, he called it ‘different’,
A new view.
It was too radical
For them to see,
For them to accept.
men never followed it,
They followed them,
Turned a blind eye,
Remembered what they were taught.
Men questioned it,
Questioned them,
And that is why,
He wanted to mature
From man to Man.


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