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See if you can make head or tail out of this one (because, I couldn’t)… He felt men mill past him.They didn’t care.They didn’t know.The poor robotic beings,Had just one place to go.They followed each other,They found joy in acceptance.Their poor mindsWere shut as their poor souls.Maybe,It was fear,Fear of rejection.Maybe,It was their programming.Standing there,He […]

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A crappie video I made. It’s about a couch potato who discovers about the joys of the outside world when the power goes while he’s watching TV. For everyone who helped me on the video that never got made… Credits: Story: Ankur Banerjee (aka Great Quizzard) Camera Work: Rachit Agarwal (aka rach) and Srishti Agarwal […]

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Delirious with joy when London won the rights to host the 2012 Olympics, I wrote this piece of poppycock. The sheep will flock,But we’ll be ready.The sheep dogs willPress them on,But we’ll be steady.A great fiesta it’ll be,For all the world to see.English ingenuity at its bestWhen London’llBe the nestWhereCitius, Altius, FortiusShalt prevail.Participation shall be […]

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Predictable stuff. Not many people know the meaning of Love.I didn’t too.-That was before I met you.You taught me the meaning of Life.You taught me the meaning of everything.You taught me the differenceBetween Love and Lust,You are divine!!You have beauty.You have everythingI could ever want.You petite little thing,I love you!!I love you,My little dictionary… Title […]