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The Brook (-I)
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A prequel to Alfred Lord Tennyson’sThe BrookI once wrote for no apparent reason.

It’s lost in history,
But I know it.
About it,
You can ask me
-I saw it.
A thousand million years ago,
I was born.
So was a planet
-My planet.
I was there.
But no one else
-No one in me.
Then came those creatures big.
-Those horrible things.
Just look at how
That thing in me
I am alive
And I like it.
That horrible thing,
On my bank,
Look at him sit.
I saw them come
-Those two legged creatures.
They were cannibals then
And in time,
Became preachers.
I saw them advance,
And so did I.
Now almost there
-Almost at sea.
I am tired
-There’s no energy in me.
To do,
I have nothing
With him
-With ‘man’.
For men WILL come and men WILL go,
I have to go on forever.

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