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Crappie writing at its best…

I write this,
From a place rather strange.
An unknown and remote place
Beyond the Himalayan range.
Electrons here
Protons there.
Neutrons hiding
Deep in their secret lair.
Walking is a misery,
A pain.
More than being electrocuted,
I prefer being slain.
The roads are electric
And the mayor,
Rather eccentric.
He claims to have
Been to the sun
AND the moon.
He class himself
Solar Loon.
Of this strange land,
The inhabitants are driving me crazy.
Electrocuting me
As I enjoy
The air breezy.
In this land,
A week I have to spend.
For all the ‘people’ care,
I can disappear round the bend.
I got here by accident
Concerning the town
As we know it.
It is Electri-City.

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