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My Nail clipper
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A nonsensical poem I wrote while studying History

My little magic nail clipper.
Yo and behold,
Now it’s made of gold.
Hold it and blink your eye,
Surprise, surprise,
You’re up in the sky.
“Little Johnny Brown,”
Says my mother with a frown,
“Are you at it again?”
“Mother sit down and I will explain.”
So for one hour,
On I go
On how it was forged
Long ago.
By a wizard of such might
That he could spread goodness
Till the end of sight.
She doesn’t believe me.
-Why should she?
It’s mine,
It’ll listen to only me
(She once tried
To command it,
But failed, you see.)
She says it’s
All in my head.
But, I know better,
It’s in my secret world instead…


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