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A Freudian Dream-II
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This is the second part of my story, A Freudian Dream. Click here to read the first part.

He woke up with a start. Dreaming in color and Dolby surround sound was already a habit.

He got up. He was wet through and through. The sound of water gurgling down the drain set off a series of memories.

He cried himself to sleep.

A bus pulled up, its wipers beating furiously. A tourist got down and snapped a pic. A beggar sleeping outside Harrod’s wasn’t a sight you saw everyday.

Unknown to him, the beggar didn’t even know he was outside Harrod’s. Or even outside India. His memory had started failing him often nowadays. Quite often.


“Mrs. Kishore, we found him. In London.”


Jai Arora looked on from a window as two foreigners took down his servant. He rushed out to confront them. He had hardly reached the drawing room of his Sainik Farms bungalow, when a pair of hands ignominiously assaulted him and another strapped on handcuffs.

The Yard had finally caught up with him. He’d tell them everything. Everything he ever knew about the Master. He didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in a crummy jail cell, away from his new-found wealth. He would cooperate.


We are there. The final phase has been set into motion. We will get our revenge soon. Very soon. It’s just a matter of days now. After fourteen years, what are a few more days? Be patient. Do not spoil anything.

“No please stop. Enough. Please…”

I can’t stop. WE can’t stop. Not now. Not when we are so close.

“Please. Be quiet. I don’t want anymore of it.”

It’s not that easy. I can’t be quiet. If I’m quiet, you are quiet too. I, I am your mind, Bhaskar.


Their Melford Close house shook to the opening of ‘The Eye of the Tiger’. Margaret Vaughan looked on, with a knowing smile, as her husband went about his birthday ritual. He celebrated his one free day of the year, dancing around the house in his pyjamas, ripping open his birthday gifts with childish zeal.

She heard the phone ringing. Letting her husband answer it wouldn’t have been such a good idea.


“Hello, Mrs Vaughan? Tell Kevin we found him.”

Work. He wouldn’t be pleased.


Bhaskar had never seen so many people before. Ever, in his life. Or, so he thought. What confused him most was the fact that most of them wore the same type of clothes, complete with the same funny hat.

He stared around in disbelief. He had never seen so many people before. Ever, in his life. Somebody called out a name. He instinctively turned around. He saw someone familiar. A woman. She set off a series of memories.

His mind was in a tizzy. He wanted coffee. He looked around for his kitchen. He just saw people. He had never seen so many people before. Ever, in his life.

Just then, a grim faced man walked up to him. He flashed a card with Kevin Vaughan written on it and a head which looked decidedly familiar.

“The Yard will take him from here,” said Kevin, thanking the Metropolitan Police officer.

The officer nodded and helped load Bhaskar into the car.

“Good day,” he muttered to Vaughan.

Ya right.


Psychiatrist’s Report (Excerpt)

I am of the opinion that Mr Bhaskar Kishore be treated with leniency. His mental condition isn’t quite normal. His mind has taken control of his body. It’s compelling him to act in a way his soul wouldn’t let him. But, being a slave of his mind, he truly can’t help it. A case of the mind being stronger than the soul. His mind used him to give the Indian hacker the access codes to the VLRC vaults. It wasn’t him. He doesn’t even know about it.

What has brought about this condition is hard to say. A past trauma like unrequited love, or unaccredited success. Or, a genetic mutation, or something entirely different. A full diagnosis is beyond me and thus, I just advice caution while dealing with the subject. Maybe, institutionalization would help, or maybe, it won’t…

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  1. Great Quizzard says:

    Dude, this story of yours is totally AWESOME!!! I must say, this one is really good. 😀

  2. Great Quizzard says:

    Dude, this story of yours is totally AWESOME!!! I must say, this one is really good. 😀

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