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The Girl in the Window
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I was walking past it
I saw her.
I had not stared so long at anyone.
She was a special someone.
Look at her eyes
-So blue.
I was transfixed,
As if stuck with glue.
Her looks,
They were as apetizing
As food to a weary traveler.
She was a princess
Straight out of fairy books.
From that day,
I became her beauty’s marveler.
Everyday, I saw her in the window.
And, in her eyes,
I saw the love rise.
And then,
I saw her in the park.
My heart jumped
A though hit by a spark.
For the time first,
I saw her up close.
My heart burst
For I didn’t have a rose.
I was still dreaming
Off came her hair
And out stepped a boy.
With himself, he was so pleased
As if he had bought
A new toy.
It was then that it struck me,
The ‘she’ was a ‘he’.
I still remember her ‘coz,
She was the love that never was.


6 Comments to “The Girl in the Window”

  1. supersonic_aviatrix says:

    good one…;D!

  2. supersonic_aviatrix says:

    good one…;D!

  3. Boris says:

    great work good to fool someone

  4. Boris says:

    great work
    good to fool someone

  5. Greystar says:

    LOL..i know somebody like that!lol

  6. like the cross dresser or the sucker who 'fell' for the cross dresser? :-S

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