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I watched from a wall, She, with her black followers -Not pretty, not witty, Not strong, not bold, Just good of heart and deed. I remeber her, I remeber me -Brash, callous. I remeber her, I remember my wrong -Fell out, still am. Her spirit forgave, goaded me. I went, tear in eye. Thank her […]

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I was walking past it And, I saw her. I had not stared so long at anyone. But, She was a special someone. Ah, Look at her eyes -So blue. I was transfixed, As if stuck with glue. Her looks, They were as apetizing As food to a weary traveler. My, She was a princess […]

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An old prophecy, Was it to satisfy? Or, Was it to make Our imaginations fly? Whatever the reason, This act of treason Was tolerated not. For, Very violent means Were sought. Can we ever forget That eleventh day? When, Two twins fell Out of sight, Probably blinded By a blaze of light.

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Not a soul stirs, Not a fly moves. Over everyone, Gloom looms. The teacher, A wicked cowboy Complete with the spurs. Copy after copy, Cross after cross. And, Occassionaly deciding someone’s fate With her infamous toss. Satan is nothing, Our teacher the devil. At her hitting capacity, One can only marvel. Now, She is over […]